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Delivery Information

Delivery taxes are NOT INCLUDED in the listed prices.

Romanian Mail - 7 days delivery - around 10 RON.
Courier - 2 days delivery - around 20 RON
We support delivery taxes for orders above 250 RON.

If payment is made in advance by wire transfer, parcel will be sent by Romanian Mail, with NO DELIVERY TAX for you. SEBADI will support delivery taxes (for a minimum order of 100 RON).
If you want the delivery by the Romanian Mail for the benefit of reduced taxes, but choose cash payment system, delivery tax will be communicated at your local Post Office, at the moment of parcel delivery, depending on the size and weight of the package, and recipient location and should be no more than 10 RON.

Deliveries are made by courier within 48 hours of placing and confirming the order (in some cases, depending on the flow of the courier company delivery may take longer than 48 hours). You pay the delivery tax at the time you receive the parcel from the courier company representative and is approx. 20 RON (this may vary depending on the delivery address, and is a tax determined by the courier company).

For locations that are not in range of courier company, delivery tax exceeds the amount specified depending on site-specific details that you entered as the delivery address.

For deliveries outside Romania, costs are expressed by the courier company you choose.

We assure you that we treat very seriously the preparing and shipping of packages, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you ordered.



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